The sky that night.
I took the time
to say it to you right.

An angel spoke.
I saw her face.

I saw it on the train,
I rode alone,
voice on the phone.
I dropped the call,
one week and I was home.

No comfort found.
I say to you…

North star that night,
three wise men.
I remember when
Came home that day

He spoke to me
and you had said goodbye.

I remember when,
came home that day.
He spoke to me of you.

You said goodbye.
The sky awaited.
The tumor stole your life.

North star that night,
turned out your life.
He told me, and
I never never forgot that night.
First memory and,
You spoke to me at night.
Inside my mind.

That night
I cried.

I dreamt of you and finally said

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