(Developmental Disorders) The Importance of Understanding Children’s Needs

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So, I think this nervous break down is starting to subside and I’m gonna try to start eating again and getting back into a routine.

Thing is with Autism, I look and act like an adult, yet I process the world like a child.

Emotions for me are overwhelming and processing strong emotions can cause me to have mild seizures. I’ve combatted this by channeling this into being highly creative because it is easier to express myself in the arts. You’ll know when I’m getting overwhelmed because I start turning everything into a joke and being really annoying. For this reason, I was taken advantage of my entire life, the more I’ve come to understand people, the angrier I get. The situation with TUJ is still having physical effects on me. I’m still having trouble eating and am constantly shaking. I can’t remember the majority of the last couple of months. I should have never been allowed to join the Navy or be forward deployed, had trouble working a regular job, and couldn’t handle University, and I was blamed for it.

The way I was treated on the USS Shiloh has left me with every symptom of PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder (Emotional Dysregulation Disorder). I don’t know if I’ll be employable again.

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University enabled me to process a lot of my past because it was a highly structured environment and I was studying the things I was interested in and studying Psychology enabled me to find answers to the questions I’ve had about myself. I know it is scary to think that saying that understanding kids with developmental disorders have been associated with violent behavior, but research has shown this. That’s why it’s also important to identify gifted children because a gifted child that is forced to study with age-related peers isn’t just inconvenient for the child, it can cause them to become physically ill.

That’s why parents and educators must pay attention to kids’ needs and not treat every child the same. A child with a specific need must be referred to a specialist in that exact topic. I’m not just guessing, I read a book about Autism written by a leading figure in autism awareness, I read a book on gifted education, as well as a book on the history of the concept of intelligence testing.

Isaac Newton has trouble with farm work, that’s why he was sent to his university. I’ve been communicating with people for 31 years and it’s still a struggle for me.

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