A Culture of Mass Murder

Whelp, shame on me, I overlooked something that I forgot from my previous research.

I did a little more research and was reminded that while those committing violence can be defined as mentally ill in an absolute sense if the act is considered normal in their particular society, they’re technically not mentally ill; in order to receive a diagnosis of a mental illness, your actions have to be considered abnormal for the culture you’re part of.

That’s why many gang members can be considered “conditional sociopaths”. The same reason veterans returning from combat develop PTSD.

So, in a sense, it’s not a pure mental illness that is increasing the violence In America. Violence is likely a symptom of a culture in which violence and mentally ill behaviors are increasingly normalized.

I should have also mentioned that a large majority of mass murderers have personality disorders, which are exceptionally complicated.

With Personality Disorders, people are behaving in a way that would be considered normal in the environment they grew up in. However, in a healthy environment, these same behaviors are maladaptive and “disordered”. They’re still “mentally ill” it’s just that the reasons are less biological.

The solution remains the same though: media needs to stop giving mass murderers a platform because people with personality disorders (less so with Antisocial Personality Disorder) crave attention and validation.

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