Mass Murder Can Be Stopped

A modified Glock handgun that models the appearance of Lego building blocks

What I tried and failed to explain earlier is that people need to let go of the concept of evil – not because people don’t do evil things – but because the construct of evil doesn’t explain anything. It’s an outdated concept. Every single person that commits any type of “evil” action has a disorder that can be diagnosed. It doesn’t absolve people of responsibility, it explains the reasons for their behavior.

Traumatic Brain Injury from child abuse is common in serial killers – this is obviously through no fault of their own – but they still went to prison.

A mental diagnosis doesn’t stigmatize a person – they’re confidential – my last counselor wasn’t even allowed to wave at me on the street without my permission.

There are common traits in children that grow up to commit violent acts. If these traits are identified, violence can be prevented. These kids aren’t “evil”, they just need special attention.

Mental illness tends to compound if it goes unrecognized; I wasn’t diagnosed with Autism until I was 28 – which led me to develop Borderline Personality Disorder – which is commonly associated with violent behavior.

I say all of this to lament the current state of mental health awareness; there are solutions to problems, please stop getting stuck on “buzz” words.

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