Silliest Breakup I Ever Went Through

My ex was a Filipina nurse living in Japan while I was stationed there in the U.S. Navy. She was 33 and I was 25 and she had a daughter.

She was convinced I was cheating on her throughout our entire six month relationship. She would accuse me of bad behavior even if I was only a few minutes late meeting her, the logistics of cheating within that time frame were mind-boggling to me. I had to travel two hours by train (Yokosuka to Saitama) and would occasionally take a wrong route.

She even went as far as employing her coworker to disguise herself as a Japanese. This friends foolproof method was texting me saying: “I’m me, I’m your Japanese ex”. I exposed the ruse within minutes after I asked what her sister’s name was and she didn’t know. I found out later it was actually the friend’s idea; her friend told her all American Navy guys are cheaters. This friend had three boyfriends, one of which was an old Japanese man that she would borrow money from to give to the younger Japanese boyfriend.

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I would stay with her the entire weekend – every weekend- then would get angry at me for stopping at a bar for a few beers before going home afterwards. She grew plump and pregnant at one point (later had a miscarriage), so I stopped going out entirely, and she would still accuse me of cheating even if I called her and showed her I was at home watching movies; I would even take pictures of my laptop with a movie playing.

I eventually broke up with her on Valentine’s Day because the night before I got drunk and fell asleep without saying goodnight. I told her I was home already and was rather sloshed (this was knee-deep in my years of alcohol dependency), so it should have made sense that falling asleep was a distinct possibility.

She convinced herself that I had met a girl at a bar and ended up getting sick. She couldn’t go to work the next day and wouldn’t meet me when I took the train.

I was worried that her behavior would start affecting her daughter’s well-being – as my parent’s behavior had affected mine – so I did what felt right.

I spent the next six months feeling guilty, missing her and her daughter, which led to us rekindling things. After three months of occasional late night hookups and three months of her “back in the Philippines”, I discovered our revamped relationship was nothing more than her cheating on her new boyfriend with me.

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