Why don’t Atheists believe in the Abrahamic God?

This was another response to an answer request to me on Quora.

Why don’t I believe in an Abrahamic God? This is all my opinion, but this is how I frame my denial of an unquestioning acceptance of an Abrahamic God.

First of all, there exists no primary evidence, only secondary evidence. Arguably there’s a scant amount of physical evidence, but that’s an arbitrary and often false attribution; this “evidence” is often corroborating a secondary source. Anybody can make a claim and then contrive convenient evidence after the fact.

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Second of all, though I do hold beliefs that fall within the confines of various theological systems, I refuse to “follow” any specific belief system – I merely utilize them as a means of understanding the world and the expanded universe; I use science in the same manner.

In my case, my beliefs fall quite snugly within Agnostic Atheism, Pantheism, Deism, Human Design, Hermeticism and Secular Humanism. I believe the flux seen within nature is proof of a higher power, I just refuse to attribute to a haphazard source without proof. I also don’t believe in a personified God that loves their creations. I think there’s an ultimate logic to the universe, I just don’t believe that this logic or logos places any value in human (or any other) life. We’re all just random conglomerated variations of atoms that will inevitably return back to stardust in the end.

I’ve also long held the belief that Abrahamic beliefs are placed on a pedestal because they question other religions.

With all of this said, my wife is Catholic and I have several friends that identify as Christian and several other Abrahamic religions. I respect this as a path to truth/enlightenment, it simply isn’t my path.

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